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Treatment With a Soft Tissue Dental Laser in Dallas, Texas

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DNA Dental uses state-of-the-art equipment like our soft tissue dental laser in Dallas, Texas, to give patients the best oral care available. As the landscape of dental technology changes, our practice grows with it by adopting those changes. New advancements like the soft tissue dental laser allow our practice to treat our patients with the ultimate precision and comfort.

Treatment with the laser is so precise that patients often do not need stitches after the procedure. Many people prefer this method to traditional drills and scalpels for applicable treatments.

The Use of a Soft Tissue Laser 

While teeth usually get most of the attention when it comes to oral health, well-protected gums are also essential to the overall condition of your mouth. Diseases in the gums can cause tooth decay and can lead to gaps in your beautiful smile if left unattended.

The treatment process with a soft tissue laser may include:

  • Local anesthesia to reduce any discomfort that the procedure might cause
  • Cauterization that prevents bleeding of the mouth
  • Quicker recovery time than traditional, more invasive methods

The Laser’s Benefits

Besides the decreased need for sutures with laser procedures, there are many other benefits to using dental lasers. The process can help reduce anxiety in patients, as they will no longer need to contend with a scalpel. Not only are laser procedures fast, but they are also more effective than other traditional means of conducting the same treatment.

A few different dental procedures take advantage of the use of a soft tissue laser, too:

  • Dental cleaning with a laser rids your mouth of more bacteria for a quicker and more effective cleaning
  • Soft tissue laser treatments can help patients suffering from ulcers
  • The laser is also helpful for biopsies
  • Teeth whitening treatments also benefit from lasers
  • A dentist can also shape gums with a soft tissue laser to create a balanced smile for the patient

Services From DNA Dental Dallas With Dr. Darya Timin

Along with soft tissue laser treatments for a healthy gum line, DNA Dental Dallas also specializes in cosmetic dentistry and family dentistry. No matter whether you’re looking for veneers or you need a reliable dentist to help your child establish the perfect oral care routine, we’re here to help.

We work diligently and efficiently to take care of all of our patients’ needs as soon as possible. That’s why Dr. Timin uses high-end equipment to ensure patient comfort with fast procedures. To schedule your next appointment for treatment with a soft tissue dental laser in Dallas, Texas, call our office today at (214)-295-9270.