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Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser Teeth Whitening

Do you want a brighter smile? When it comes to tooth whitening in Dallas, you have two choices: in-office-based teeth bleaching or at-home care. Both tooth-whitening options use peroxide-based bleaching agents. At-home systems contain around 3% to 20% peroxide (carbamide or hydrogen peroxides). In-office systems contain from 15% to 43% peroxide. Generally, the longer you keep a strong solution on your teeth, the whiter your teeth will become. However, the higher the percentage of peroxide in the whitening solution, the less time it should be applied to the teeth. Keeping the gel on longer will dehydrate the tooth and increase tooth sensitivity.

Understanding Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a process where trained professionals can lighten the color of the teeth. Darkening/yellowing of the teeth is natural even when the teeth are healthy, but this process removes that discoloration. There are several types of whitening options, all of which will work differently for different patients.

The outer layer of the teeth is called the enamel, and a layer can form over it called the pellicle film. This results in foreign material that accumulates on the surface of the teeth whether from beverages, smoking, or the aging process. When our dentist recommends teeth whitening, we will first ensure that all dental problems are fixed first including chips, breaks, or cavities. If the gums are unhealthy in any way, it’s important to improve their health so that the tooth whitening agents used doesn’t irritate them in any way.

In-home Teeth Whitening Vs. In-office Teeth Whitening

The processes used to whiten the teeth will depend on a patient’s preference and/or budget. In-home teeth whitening will consist of gels that are generally placed in a mouthpiece. To make it work effectively, you will have to make sure that you wear the mouthpiece for a required amount of time. At DNA Dental, we sell ADA-approved at-home whitening kits and can go over the instructions closely with you. Never use these materials for longer than suggested as this could lead to tooth sensitivity. A custom-fitted whitening tray will be most effective.

With in-office teeth whitening, dental dams are used to place a shield for your gums. A bleaching agent is applied (generally with a higher concentration of peroxide, usually no more than 35%). It is used for a specific period of time, depending on the patient’s desired look (anywhere from ten to 45 minutes). Multiple layers can be applied. A UV laser can also be applied to speed up the whitening process. One such process is ZOOM 1 Hour Teeth Whitening.

About ZOOM 1 Hour Teeth Whitening

The entire ZOOM 1 Hour Teeth Whitening system takes less than an hour. The procedure begins with a preparation period where the lips and gums are covered. The Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is applied which works with the Zoom light to penetrate the teeth deeply and to break up stains/discoloration. The gel stays in place for 15 minutes with the light activated. This gel is applied for three separate 15-minute sessions.

Learn More About Teeth Whitening

At DNA Dental, we can provide you the most professional opinion on the type of teeth whitening you will benefit from the most. Be sure to come in for a consultation to DNA Dental to speak to a professional before you try home bleaching. To schedule this consultation, call our office at 214-295-9270.