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Preventive Dental Treatment

Preventive Dental Treatment

Dental Cleanings, Exams and Routine Check Ups in Dallas, TX

The most powerful way to protect your oral health is regular preventative dentistry at DNA Dental! The American Dental Association recommends at least two dental checkups annually for professional cleaning and management of any conditions that may arise. Preventative treatments in Dallas can help to prevent tooth decay and other dental diseases and conditions from occurring in the first place. This will limit one’s time in the dental seat and any pain or discomfort that ensues.

About Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings are the thorough removal of all plaque and tartar from your teeth. This is often called a ‘scale and polish’. This professional dental cleaning will reinforce the important at-home care regimen of brushing and flossing. It allows our dentist to look for areas in the teeth and gums that may need special attention too. During a dental clean, you will receive both diagnostic and preventive services from your dentist. This includes: an oral cancer examination and screenings, evaluation of the gum tissue, checking for biting and chewing patterns, x-rays of teeth to detect tooth decay and any referrals to specialists for specific dental treatment. Some preventive services are stain removal, removal of plaque and tartar to reduce tooth decay, fluoride application, sealants (for kids), polishing of teeth including crowns or fillings and the cleaning of dentures (if applicable).

Importance of Dental Education

Dental education occurs during an examination or cleaning that is valuable to a patient. Some topics include the best ways to brush as well as how to clean in between your teeth using interdental brushes or floss and how to eliminate the bacterial ‘plaque’ which forms continuously onto your teeth. When you eat or drink something sugary, the bacteria in the plaque turns the sugar into acid, which typically causes tooth decay. Plaque can also create gum inflammation (swelling and soreness) if it is not regularly removed. The hard tartar (or ‘calculus’) which builds up on teeth also originates as plaque. This makes it important to schedule regular dental exams and cleanings at DNA Dental.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments can effectively protect against tooth decay and sensitivity. Every fluoride treatment is personalized to meet your unique needs and circumstances during your dental cleaning. A fluoride treatment will significantly lower your risk for any painful tooth decay.

Dental Sealants

As mentioned before, dental sealants are another preventative measure used to smooth out the grooves of the molars and premolars. Dental sealants are especially advantageous for young children, because it is difficult for them to brush their cavity-prone back teeth. Dental sealants will fill the fissured and grooved surfaces of these teeth to prevent buildup.

Schedule Preventative Treatments at DNA Dental Today

Ultimately, preventative treatments help to protect the teeth and gums the way they deserve to be. With our professional dental expertise at DNA Dental, we can offer you the optimal dental care you deserve. To schedule an appointment today, call our office at 214-295-9270.