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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

Many people try to achieve bright and perfect smiles with porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers in Dallas are beautiful, ultra-thin custom-made porcelain laminates that are permanently bonded to teeth. They can flawlessly cover broken, chipped, discolored, crooked, or gapped teeth. At DNA Dental, we only use the highest quality porcelain. Veneers are the proper conservative choice for improving a variety of minor cosmetic errors. For those with teeth that are discolored or fractured, you may be considering dental bonding or crowns instead. Bonding is best for small surface cavities or chips. Crowns are used to completely cover a tooth and is much more invasive than a porcelain veneer.

Affordable Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers in Dallas can change a smile. This dental procedure requires little to no tooth removal at all. The best part about the porcelain is that it doesn’t stain. Dental veneers can remedy several dental issues including: discolored teeth, chipped/broken teeth, worn down teeth, mis-shapened, misaligned or uneven teeth or gapped teeth.

The Dental Veneers Procedure

The dental veneers process will take several visits. The first visit is a consultation where the overall goal for the veneers are discussed with our Dallas cosmetic dentist. She will then examine your teeth and make sure you’re a candidate for this dental procedure. This is an irreversible dental process as some tooth enamel is removed to place the veneers atop the teeth, so we take care to make sure that your teeth fit the requirements.

During a preparation visit, we may remove up to ½ millimeter of enamel from the surface of the teeth. Before this is done, we apply a local anesthetic. Next, we can x-ray and make impressions of your mouth and teeth. This mold is sent to a label who constructs your veneers in about two weeks. When your veneers are ready, we cement the teeth to the surface of your existing teeth. We ensure they match your existing teeth and fit your mouth before this occur. The color of the veneer can also be adjusted with a cement too.

The teeth are cleaned, polished, and etched in order to roughen the teeth to allow for the strongest bonding possible. We apply cement to the veneer and then place it atop the teeth. After we put it in position, we use a special light beam to active the chemicals in the cement so that it hardens and cures. Lastly, any excess cement is removed, and the bite is evaluated. A follow-up visit is typically scheduled for a few weeks after this visit to make any adjustments and to make sure the gums are healthy.

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When you’re looking for affordable porcelain veneers, DNA Dental in Dallas, Texas is the answer. These veneers have the potential to last a lifetime! The patient’s job is to carefully maintain their veneers. Keep up with your daily flossing and brushing, and see Dr. Timin at least twice each year for cleanings. Now is the time to break bad habits like nail biting or pencil biting. Chewing on hard objects could damage your veneers just like they damage your teeth. A brand-new smile is waiting for you at DNA Dental! Call 214-295-9270 today to schedule an appointment.