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Oral Appliance Therapy For Snoring And OSA

Oral Appliance Therapy For Snoring And OSA

Snoring is the sound of a partially-obstructed airway during sleep. Snoring often increases with age and weight and can be the sign of a very serious medical condition known as obstructive sleep apnea. At DNA Dental, we offer sleep apnea help to our dental patients in Dallas. We offer a variety of oral appliances and treatment options to help reduce obstructive sleep apnea symptoms.

About Sleep Apnea Therapy in Dallas

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) happens during sleep when the tongue and soft palate fall to the back of the throat and completely block the airway. This causes poor breathing and diminished oxygen intake and leads to interrupted sleep throughout the night. People with OSA are constantly tired, fall asleep easily during the day, are irritable, have trouble concentrating, exhibit impotency and sexual dysfunction, and can have bad breath.

It is estimated that OSA affects up to 40% Americans with less than 10% diagnosed. OSA can increase the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, uncontrolled diabetes and heart attacks. Untreated OSA can take up to 12 years off your life and increases the risk of death by 46%, which make it more dangerous than smoking.

OSA can also lead to severe teeth grinding. It is the brain’s way of moving the jaw forward to open the airway to breathe. Teeth grinding or bruxism result in broken teeth, pain, failure of dental work, headaches and TMJ destruction. This is what makes it so important to visit Dr. Timin at DNA Dental for oral appliance therapy treatment.

Oral Appliances for Snoring

Oral appliance therapy is best for people who snore, have mild to moderate OSA, are CPAP intolerant, grind their teeth and/or have TMJ/facial pain. Oral appliances are custom-fitted mouth guards, which are made specifically for you. These appliances are designed to move the lower jaw forward, keeping the airway open while you’re sleeping by preventing the tongue from falling back. They fit into the mouth by snapping over the upper and lower arches of the teeth. Most are adjustable, meaning we can fine-tune the position for your jaw for the most effective treatment.

Some benefits of oral appliances include a comfortable and tolerable way to protect the teeth and to promote optimal sleep. Oral devices don’t give the dry and itchy nose that those that use CPAP masks complain of. There is also less equipment to deal with when sleeping.

Dental Appliance Candidates

Generally, individuals with mild to moderate sleep apnea and with primary snoring without sleep apnea are great candidates. Also, those who have had a sleep apnea study and have tried, and failed CPAP therapy, may qualify too.

Learn More About OSA Treatment

Dr. Timin and our professional dental team at DNA Dental can diagnosis, treat, and help continuously treat patients with obstructive sleep apnea. To schedule an appointment today, call our Dallas dental office at 214-295-9270.

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