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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

Professional Dental Bridges in Dallas, Texas

Dental bridges have been used for many years in order to replace a person’s missing teeth. A dental bridge is used in order to ‘bridge’ a gap between the missing teeth in a patient’s mouth. It consists of two different crowns on each end of the gap, with false teeth in between. When making a dental bridge, your existing teeth are used as anchors. Dental bridges in Dallas can be composed of various materials, including gold, metal, alloys, or porcelain. If you would like your dental bridge to fit in perfectly with the rest of your beautiful smile, a porcelain bridge is a great option for you, as the porcelain is durable and stain-resistant. Best of all, porcelain imitates the color and reflective properties of natural teeth.

Missing Teeth Replacement

A bridge can maintain the shape of a face, restore the ability to chew or a smile overall, distribute the bite or prevent teeth from drifting. Ultimately, missing teeth make it difficult to chew without pain or smile without embarrassment. If missing teeth are not promptly treated, they can cause your remaining teeth to shift, tilt, and become crooked.

At DNA Dental, we can evaluate a patient’s existing teeth and determine whether or not they are a candidate for a bridge. During the dental bridge process, teeth are prepared by recontouring them to accommodate the restorative material. Next, impressions are created of the teeth and sent to the laboratory. Once your final dental bridge is ready, you will return to our office in Dallas for a fit check and the final cementation of the bridge.

Dental Bridge Vs. Implants

When you’re considering the best dental procedure to repair your teeth, it’s important to consider all of your options. In general, a bridge involves more than just a missing tooth. Unlike dental implants where the individual tooth is replaced, a dental bridge is a great option for those with neighboring teeth with large fillings who may need caps or crowns in the future. Also, for teeth that have been lost for a while, the gum and bone will have receded, which is beyond the treatment of a dental implant. In terms of aesthetics, it’s a personal preference whether you choose dental bridges over dental implants or not. In terms of cost, yes, a bridge initially costs less. Our professional dentist can help you to make the best decision for your oral health situation.

Speak to a Cosmetic Dentist Today

The overall attachment procedure takes two to three visits at our Dallas, Texas dental office. At the first appointment, our cosmetic dentist will prepare your teeth on either side of the gap by removing a part of the dentin and enamel. Your bridge is created by a dental lab. The length of time it takes to get your permanents in depends on the type that you choose. Crowns are used as support on either side of the bridge and are the support system. For more information on dental bridges and to schedule an appointment at DNA Dental today, call 214-295-9270.

Removable Complete Dentures

Removable Partial Dentures