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Ryan T.

I have sensitive teeth from grinding and have had many bad experiences with other dentists over the years with any work done…sometime even routine cleaning can cause quite a bit of discomfort where I would be in a death grip on the chair arms.

I visited Dr. Timin’s practice today for the first time and it could not have gone better. All of the equipment is brand new and they use the latest technology some of which I had never seen before. The facility itself is very sterile (arguably the cleanest ever) and designed correctly.  The rooms are spacious and mine had some natural lighting. I am 6′-5 230 and fit in the chair ok.

The hygienist explained all the new technology for scanning and I was able to view the results in real time. I was not rushed and they did not seem to be in race are get you in and out. She also explained some of the latest cleaning, whitening, and flossing options including a very cool portable air pic to supplement flossing that was reasonable priced so I bought it.

Once Dr. Timin came in we went through everything in detail discussed options for my teeth some optional some not and we proceeded with the cleaning. She was able to dial the head speed of the cleaning instrument that vibrates to minimize discomfort instead of overuse of the dreaded hook pic.

I will be going back in the next week for a follow up but my initial experience was above expectations and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a change or those with sensitive teeth.