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Periodontal disease affects the tissues that keep your teeth in place. If you ignore your gum problems, periodontal disease can worsen to the point that it impacts your jaw structure, requiring reconstructive surgery. 

DNA Dental Dallas is a woman-owned cosmetic dentist office serving the community of Dallas, Texas. With a talented dental staff led by Dr. Darya Timin, our team aims to rejuvenate the smiles of Big D residents. Our treatments and procedures help mitigate inflammation in your gums and allow you to live a more confident life. 

What Is a Periodontist?

A periodontist is a dental professional who deals in the prevention and mitigation of periodontal disease. They receive several years of special training in dental school to achieve the title of a periodontist. Also, they can handle dental procedures such as implants with ease. 

Typically, a periodontist handles patients with complex gum issues or severe gum disease. There are multiple treatments that a periodontist can perform on patients, such as root planing. Root planing is when a periodontist cleans the root of the infected area, eliminating bacteria. Another treatment is debridement which is when a professional removes tissue from the affected area. 

Before they get into your treatment plans, your periodontist will ask you about any medical conditions you have or medication you are on that may impact your periodontal treatment. 

When You Should Schedule an Appointment 

The clear sign that you need to see a periodontist is when you experience chronic, severe gum pain. Note that if your condition isn’t at the point where it’s crippling, your general dentist may be able to resolve your gum issues. Periodontists spend the majority of their time treating only the most critical cases of periodontal disease. 

Our process begins with your periodontist checking the health of your gums. We will look for signs of recession and determine if any of your teeth are loose. Next, the dental professional will examine your biting pattern to see how your teeth come together when you clench down. 

Then, we will use a probe to determine the depth of your gums. Our gentle touch makes this process smooth and easy for our patients. We may request to take some x-rays to see any structural damage to your jaw. 

To prevent periodontal disease, it is vital to ensure your oral health by brushing your teeth regularly, rinsing, flossing, and using bacteria-fighting mouthwash. The main objective should be to keep your gums and teeth free from bacteria. 

The DNA Dental Way 

Our expert dental team has several years of experience treating and preventing gum disease. We strive to improve the oral health of all our patients. You’ll leave our office with confidence, knowing you’re in much better condition than when you walked in. 

One of the many tremendous things about our dental practice is accepting patients who don’t have dental insurance. We think everyone should have a right to oral treatments. That’s why we have three VIP monthly subscription plans available to everyone. All of these plans include regular cleanings, x-rays, emergency visits, and more! 

Dr. Darya Timin is a graduate of NYU’s school of dentistry, one of the nation’s top dental programs. Utilizing her expertise, she’s always on the lookout for the newest cosmetic dental technology. We consider ourselves artists, crafting picturesque smiles on all our patients. 

Nothing makes us happier than improving the quality of life of Dallas residents. We know how tough it is to live with oral health issues such as gum disease. Insecurities get the best of all of us sometimes. But our patient-friendly approach makes us a fan favorite in the Dallas community. We’ll tackle your insecurity head-on, and we will win every time. 

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DNA Dental is the premier periodontist in Dallas, Texas. We offer several oral health services such as veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening, and more. Check out some of our galleries to see our work for yourself. 

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