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Treating Toothache And Oral Pain

DNA Dental Clinic offers the best dental health services in Dallas, Texas. Consult a Dallas dentist from our clinic for regular checkups to avoid dental problems. We have dentists with an unmatched skill set to cater to your needs professionally and effectively. We offer affordable quality health services and accept dental insurance for those who have it. 

Our clinic provides oral health care and cure for toothache and cavity to help one get rid of the discomfort. Oral pain and toothaches are common dental problems with adverse impacts that our clinic can treat. We find it helpful to provide you knowledge about toothaches and oral pain, particularly the causes and treatments as well as preventive measures.

The Causes And Treatment Of Toothaches And Oral Pain

There are several factors that can cause toothaches and oral pain. Let’s see what they are and how we can treat them:

Infection and Decay

Experiencing sharp oral pain or cavity can be a result of infected gums medically referred to as gingivitis. The infection is caused by bacterial build-up, growth, and inflammation. These bacteria change sugar into acid which dissolves the hard mineralized structure of teeth and leads to tooth decay. After some time, one will start to feel toothaches due to the decay among other dental issues, including cavities. Gingivitis can cause discomfort to patients, but the aftermath is treatable. The condition can also develop to periodontitis if not treated on time, and the patient is at risk of suffering tooth loss.


The best solution is removing the decay and repairing the damage potentially with the assistance of a root canal dentist in Dallas, through procedures like filling or crown placement. If the tooth is damaged, you may need a root canal. This is considered a better option than losing a tooth or teeth.

Cold Sensitivity

Cold sensitivity is a form of tooth sensitivity whereby teeth become sensitive to cold or breathing in cold air which leads to a toothache. The main cause of cold sensitivity is dentin or exposure of root areas due to receded gums which are usually a result of periodontal disease. 


  • Special desensitizing toothpaste
  • Coating
  • Using a toothbrush with soft bristles
  • Stop tooth grinding
  • less consumption of acidic foods
  • Use a mouthwash daily

Grinding and Clenching

We all have some addictive behavioral tendencies we struggle to abandon, grinding and clenching is one of them. This can happen from time to time but mainly during sleeping hours. Regular tooth grinding can have severe impacts on one’s teeth, including cracking and fracturing of teeth. Not taking preventive measures or treating the condition could lead to potential tooth loss. 


The best way to handle tooth clenching and grinding is to stop the habit, but we all know how hard it is to abandon certain things that’s why dentists propose making a guard that protects the teeth and aligns the jaws.

Can be indicative of other health issues

Toothaches and oral pain do not always mean that something is wrong with your cavities or any other dental issue. It can be an indication of another problem that could cost you a lot more than paying dental bills if not treated on time. Therefore it’s crucial to see a dentist for proper diagnosis.

Abscessed Tooth

Tooth abscession refers to an infection caused by tooth decay at the root which starts by eroding the enamel and leaving the pulp exposed to possible infection. The condition leads to toothache if it is not treated on time.


  • Washing the tooth with salt water after making a small cut into the abscess and draining out the pus.
  • Eliminate infection by performing a root canal
  • Removing the affected tooth
  • Using antibiotics

Basic Treatment To Alleviate

You never know when your teeth may start acting up, and that’s why knowing a few pain relief methodologies before scheduling an appointment with a dentist might be useful. Our patient’s wellness is the priority; it outweighs everything else. Therefore, it’s a pleasure to brief you on the basic treatment of oral pain. If you’re unable to consult a dentist immediately, do the following

  • Apply oral, topical gel 
  • Use Acetaminophen for quick pain relief

The above methods will help you manage the pain as you wait to see the dentist. Do not avoid visiting the hospital because the pain you feel might be a tiny part of the problem.

Let Our Dentist Cure Your Toothache And Oral Pain

Dentists have spent years in medical schools to help those suffering from dental issues. We will locate the root of the problem and cure it entirely by: 

  • Filling a cavity after accurate diagnosing 
  • Prescribing an antibiotics 
  • Root canal to prevent tooth loss any other treatment possible

Proper oral health is important to your overall health and the aesthetics of your smile. If you are in need of a dental consultation, stop by our Dallas office or give us a call today! Our experienced and friendly dental staff will always put your needs first!

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