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How Tooth Loss Affects More Than Your Smile | DNA Dental Dallas

Tooth loss is a problem that impacts around 178 million Americans. The problem with tooth loss is that most people only really consider the visual aspects. It might make them lose confidence in themselves or keep them from smiling at strangers, friends, and even loved ones. What these people don’t consider is the overall effect losing a tooth has on their complete oral health. Any Dallas dentist can tell you we have teeth for a reason. It goes much deeper than offering people a smile or looking good. You might not even realize that your oral health plays a major role in your overall health.

What Causes Missing Teeth?

Your dentist may decide it’s time to remove a tooth when it becomes a threat to your oral health. Teeth don’t just become threats on their own. Usually, it’s required when periodontal disease, jawbone weakening, injuries, decay, and abscesses occur. If severe damage was done, fractured tooth roots, or even if you cracked a tooth, it can also be cause for removing that tooth to protect your mouth.

When a tooth is removed, there are a lot of issues that happen as a result. For one, it makes eating more difficult. You’re used to having a mouth full of teeth. You’ve eaten that way your whole life, so suddenly when a tooth is gone, it can make eating a little more difficult. You’re out of practice. Biting into certain harder foods will be difficult as well. Your teeth are shaped differently because they have different functions. If you remove one of them, that function becomes more difficult to accomplish.

Missing teeth can also make speaking a little more difficult. You might even start speaking with a lisp. It can make part of your face look deflated where the tooth or teeth once existed. One of the larger impacts you might face are the placement of your other teeth. Most people don’t realize that the placement of your teeth keep each other in check. That means your remaining teeth can start to move towards the gap, doing further damage.

Restoring Your Teeth

If you’ve lost a tooth or you might need one pulled, the best thing you can do is work to get that gap filled. You don’t have to worry about your smile or oral health any longer! Advancements in dentistry have allowed for people to replace missing teeth using updated denture methods, implants, and bridges. You can have these procedures customized to fit your life and preferences.

The best part about bridges, implants, and dentures are that they continue to get less expensive. More people are getting them and we continue to develop new ways of giving patients the healthy smile they deserve. Again, it’s not just about the outward appearance. Getting these spaces filled is great for improving your overall oral health. You don’t want to let a missing tooth impact your overall quality of life.

Instead, get in contact with a skilled dentist who can fix these problems for good by going to https://dnadentaldallas.com to learn more about the different ways you can improve your oral health. 

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