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Dr. Darya Timin "A Healthy And Beautiful Smile Is A Window To A Healthy And Beautiful Body!"
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Julian T.

My mother’s career was in the field of dentistry so I’m no stranger to dental offices .  Let me just say that the experience at DNA blows away anything I have ever seen.

For starters , It’s outfitted with a helpful staff WITH personality. The office looks like something I would model my dream house after.  I like that I don’t have to drive down the road seeing cheesy billboards forcing the “style” of the office down my *figurative* throat (like some dental offices).

Dr. Timin is the most confident and professional dentist I have ever met (which is saying something).  I had several tooth issues that I kept pushing under the rug for a number of years. What started as an overdue teeth cleaning quickly progressed to “You can actually fix my teeth today?”.  I walked out of there simply blown away how easy the experience was.

If it’s been a few years since your last cleaning or you simply want to switch to a better dental experience, check out DNA. It’s easy to get to near Mockingbird and North 75 Central.