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Top-of-the-Line iTero 3D Dental Scanner in Dallas, Texas

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At DNA Dental Dallas, we make sure your smile stays its best and brightest with our iTero 3D dental scanner in Dallas, Texas. With cutting-edge dental technology, Dr. Timin keeps your oral health in check and your teeth looking great. Our DNA Dental orthodontics, teeth whitening, and implant services ensure that you’ll want to keep your pearly whites on display for everyone to see. 

You shouldn’t feel self-conscious about the look of your natural teeth. However, crooked and crowded teeth can affect their health by trapping food and debris. Teeth alignment treatments can prevent tooth loss from tooth decay caused by buildups of tartar and plaque.

iTero 3D Scans

The iTero 3D scanner allows us to take perfect images of our patient’s mouths. With this technology, we can use these images to fit a customized crown, veneer, or denture to your specifications. For cosmetic and corrective treatments, this not only affects the appearance of your teeth but how comfortable they feel in your mouth.

Other benefits of iTero 3D scans include:

  • The ability to rotate the image for oral examination from every angle
  • Digital imaging that is easy to archive for future referral within our office
  • Visualizations of your mouth so that each optional procedure and treatment is more straightforward for you to understand
  • The comfort of the imaging process, since the iTero system doesn’t require the use of dental gel like other methods

How It Works

Unlike traditional methods, the iTero system uses a wand that creates a digital scan of your mouth. The near-instantaneous rendering of the image allows Dr. Timin to create a faster and more accurate plan for treatment. 

When getting an iTero scan:

  • You can see exactly how your teeth will appear after treatment with a picture-perfect representation
  • The dental visit is low-stress because there is very little to do in preparation for the scan
  • There is no waiting around for imaging mold results from dental impressions, and the system displays all of the information directly on its screen
  • You won’t need to have another scan, as the system shows the progress of your teeth alignment over time

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