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Cosmetic Gum Recontouring Treatment in Dallas, Texas

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Cut a path towards a brighter, more balanced smile by recontouring your gums! Most patients wish that their smiles looked a little more even. Perhaps your teeth look bigger than average. Maybe you have a gummy smile. Fortunately, at DNA Dental, we provide patients with the best gum recontouring treatment in Dallas, Texas!

What Is Gum Recontouring?

Gum recontouring represents the process by which a dentist reshapes a patient’s gums. Some patients may need to reduce excess gum tissue to make their teeth appear a little larger. Others wish to add extra gum tissue to provide more coverage and reduce the amount of exposed enamel. Alternatively, a patient may want to make uneven gums look more symmetrical.

Benefits of Gum Recontouring

Receiving gum recontouring treatment in Dallas, Texas, comes with a whole host of related benefits. From improved oral health to a more beautiful smile, the advantages of reshaping your gums can impact your life in ways you may not have considered. Some of the main benefits of gum recontouring include:

  • Decreased overall risk of a bacterial infection
  • Reduced swelling and bleeding
  • Lessened chance of tooth decay
  • Decreased tooth sensitivity
  • Enhanced self-confidence
  • An aesthetically enhanced smile

Many patients who have undergone gum recontouring express an increased willingness to smile and improved sociability. The impact of gum recontouring goes far beyond corrective and cosmetic concerns and reaches into the psychological sense of self.

Signs That You May Need Gum Recontouring

Dentists employ gum recontouring for both corrective and cosmetic purposes. It can prevent future tooth decay, tooth loss, bone loss, and a range of various oral diseases. Gum recontouring also creates balance in a patient’s smile by augmenting the gum-to-tooth ratio. Some of the signs you may benefit from gum recontouring include:

  • You have a gummy smile
  • You have experienced receding gums
  • Your teeth appear larger or smaller than average
  • You experience frequent sensitivity to food temperatures
  • Your gums appear asymmetrical
  • You have a history of gum disease

At DNA Dental, we regularly see patients who could benefit from gum recontouring during regular tooth cleaning sessions. If you wonder whether you could use gum recontouring treatment in Dallas, Texas, just ask us, and we will assess whether you make a good candidate for the procedure.

Types of Gum Recontouring

Dentists use a couple of different techniques to effect a successful recontouring of a patient’s gums. The traditional method proves more invasive but remains useful in severe cases. The modern method utilizes the latest technology and brings with it some secondary benefits

Traditional Gum Recontouring

Some severe instances of excessive gum tissue or other oral health issues may call for traditional gum recontouring. In such a case, the dentist will need to use a scalpel and sutures to contour the gums. The recovery process takes a little longer than it does with modern gum recontouring, but patients express a high level of satisfaction with traditional gum recontouring.

Some patients may require gum grafting. The process involves harvesting donor tissue from another area of the gums, the roof of the mouth, or a tissue bank and placing it over the exposed areas of the teeth. The procedure offers predictable results and leaves the patient with a healthier smile.

Modern Gum Recontouring

Modern gum recontouring makes use of laser technology to shape the outer edge of the gums. A shorter recovery time results from the fact that the laser cauterizes and sterilizes the gum tissue. While modern gum recontouring remains unavailable to patients with severe gum issues, those who qualify return to normal in a much shorter timespan.

Caring for Your Gums After Gum Recontouring Treatment

Most gum contouring treatments cause minimal pain, swelling, and bleeding. Patients may wish to take a mild, over-the-counter pain reliever to ease their discomfort. In rare cases, the dentist may prescribe a stronger medication. 

The dentist may advise patients to rinse their gums with salt water or an antibacterial mouthwash for a couple of weeks. Patients should also avoid eating hard, sharp foods like chips, nuts, and bread crust. After a few weeks, patients should begin to feel fully healed and may resume their normal routines.

Stop gumming up the works and start progressing towards a brighter, healthier smile with gum recontouring treatment in Dallas, Texas! Call DNA Dental at (214)-295-9270 to get started today!