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Do you suffer from discomfort in the jaw or mouth due to an uneven bite? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people each year suffer from symptoms associated with bite issues. These symptoms include headaches, toothaches, earaches, and many more. 

DNA Dental Dallas is a full-service cosmetic dental practice servicing the Dallas community. Dr. Darya Timin, a graduate of NYU’s College of Dentistry, runs the office. Dr. Timin helps patients with deprogrammers for bite in Dallas, Texas, which even out your bite and alleviate your chronic symptoms. 

What Is a Deprogrammer? 

A deprogrammer is similar to a retainer in that dentists use it to align your teeth. Your teeth will leave an imprint on the deprogrammer. This impression lets your dentist know where the misalignment is. From there, our dentists can develop a plan to change your bite pattern to something more comfortable and practical. 

Sometimes, the way we bite is psychological. For example, if you frequently bit one side of your mouth growing up, you will naturally begin favoring the other side of your mouth when you chew. This pattern creates bad biting habits that can lead to more critical issues in the future. When you start chewing too much on one side of your mouth, your teeth on that side will decay and wear down faster. That’s what causes the need for a deprogrammer. 

Typically, our patients will wear a deprogrammer for approximately one month. However, this timetable varies depending on your oral condition. Once we remove the oral mouthpiece, you’ll notice your symptoms fade away, and you will be able to enjoy life more. 

How Deprogrammers Help 

If you continue to live with a crooked bite, your existing symptoms may worsen, and you may experience more critical health issues such as joint disorders and neck pain. That’s why you must visit a cosmetic dentist to move toward living a more comfortable life. 

Deprogrammers help our patients by allowing their jaws to settle in a comfortable location. A deprogrammer will reprogram the way you bite. 

The first few days may be uncomfortable as your mouth adjusts to your new bite. However, once we remove the deprogrammer, you’ll feel the difference immediately. We’ll be able to monitor your progress by comparing your bite with and without the deprogrammer. 

Overall, the process is quick, efficient, and fluid. You’ll incur several benefits after deprogramming. For one, you’ll get more longevity out of your teeth. We will eliminate the extra stress that you’ve been putting on one side of your mouth. 

Deprogrammers for bite in Dallas, Texas, also help decrease the risk of broken and chipped teeth. 

About DNA Dental Dallas

DNA Dental Dallas is here to take care of your deprogramming needs. Dr. Timin’s sole goal is to ensure everyone that leaves our practice is confident in their smile. We aim to improve our patient’s quality of life and alleviate any insecurities they have about their teeth. 

Dr. Timin is an avid learner that never stops garnering knowledge about the most modern cosmetic dentistry technology. She always puts her best foot forward with a patient-friendly approach that places our practice among the best in the Dallas area. 

We look at our dental work as art. We want our patients to show off our work with their smiles. Our practice offers most cosmetic dental services like dental implants, veneers, cosmetic bonding, and more. 

Plus, we are a community favorite because we accept patients without health insurance. Pick from our three monthly subscription plans that allow you to reap the benefits of our work without paying for dental coverage. 

Our subscriptions include dental cleanings, exams, x-rays, and more! 

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