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Enjoy Natural-Looking Dental Implants in Dallas, Texas​

Are you missing a tooth? Schedule a dental implant consultation and address the issue today.

Whether you are missing a single tooth, a row of teeth, or all of them, Dr. Darya Timin and the team at  DNA Dental Dallas can help you install an affordable and effective replacement.  Our dental office offers extensive cosmetic procedures, such as dental implants in Dallas, Texas, so that you can enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile. Let us fill in any gaps so that you can enjoy the health and aesthetic benefits of a complete set of functional teeth.

How Dental Implants in Dallas Work

Dental implants in Dallas, Texas, are prosthetics that place a titanium root directly into your jaw to fill in the space left by your missing tooth. Your jawbone surrounding the socket will bond to the implant and secure it in place. Then, we attach a dental crown above the gums that looks and functions almost exactly like your other teeth. 

Depending on how many teeth are missing, we will recommend different types of implants. You may choose among: 

  • Single tooth dental implants in Dallas, Texas
  • Customized bridges that replace multiple teeth at once
  • Dentures that attach to your jawbone

After an initial consultation with a CBCT scan, we work with you to create a personalized treatment plan so that your new implants meet your dental needs. During the planned surgery, your oral surgeon will use sedation to ensure your comfort. 

We give you temporary teeth as you wait for your mouth and jawbone to heal around the dental implants in Dallas, Texas, then remove the sutures during a follow-up visit two weeks later.

10 to 12 weeks later, we confirm that your bone is healing correctly with an x-ray and take impressions to design your permanent custom denture. We finally place your full dental implant another two to four weeks later for you to enjoy for years to come.

When to Consider Dental Implants

The majority of people missing a tooth or multiple teeth should consider our high-quality dental implants. During your consultation, Dr. Timin will perform a comprehensive examination to determine if you are a good candidate. If we find any problems that would inhibit your dental implant procedure, we can discuss appropriate preliminary treatments.

Implants typically require you to have good oral health, including healthy gums and a sufficient bone foundation in your jaw. Gum disease increases the chance that your surgery will fail, while a strong jawbone is necessary to support the implant. You also need to be well enough to undergo minor dental surgery that requires anesthesia.

While dental implants in Dallas, Texas, boast a success rate of 98% for the initial procedure and between 90% and 95% after 10 years, dental implant surgery comes with some risks. Patients should only consider dental implants if they are willing to potentially suffer from nerve damage, jaw fractures, and other potential complications.


without dental implant
with dental implant

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants in Dallas, Texas, can provide tooth replacements that are almost indistinguishable from your natural teeth for the rest of your life. The many benefits include: 

  • Since they are secured in place, you can eat all of your favorite foods without worrying about the implants slipping or falling out. 
  • The beautiful smile these fixtures provide can also increase your confidence, self-esteem, and general quality of life.
  • As the implant post replaces the roots of your missing teeth, dental implants in Dallas, Texas, also prevent your jawbone from losing bone density. After losing a tooth, your jawbone lacks the stimulation needed for growth typically provided by chewing and biting. 
  • The installation procedure stimulates bone healing and prevents deterioration that can cause you to lose up to 25% of your jaw structure within the first year of losing a tooth. 

Compared to traditional dentures, dentures supported by implants offer several advantages as well. 

  • As they are fixed in place, the dentures are less likely to rub and cut your mouth with excess motion.
  • They work like natural teeth without the help of denture adhesives so that you can eat and speak more easily. 
  • Implanted dentures also cover less of the roof of your mouth than other dentures that reduce your ability to taste food.

When you need a skilled and experienced dentist in Dallas, TX, to provide unmatched cosmetic services, we are here to help. Call DNA Dental Dallas at (214)-295-9270 today to schedule your appointment.