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Restore Damaged Teeth with Dental Crowns in Dallas, Texas

Call to find out how you can cover your dental imperfections with expertly crafted dental crowns. 

If you suffer from damaged or misshapen teeth and veneers are not suitable, our dental crowns can provide full coverage for protection. At DNA Dental Dallas, we offer comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services to ensure that every part of your smile is healthy and beautiful. Dental crowns in Dallas, Texas, are one of the many treatment options we offer. 

What Are Porcelain Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns in Dallas, Texas, are fixtures created by dentists to cover the portion of your tooth above the gums, improving the appearance of a damaged or rotting tooth and restoring its natural function. This prevents further decay that can affect the nerves under the teeth and require a root canal if left untreated. 

We can use dental crowns in Dallas, Texas, to reinforce the structure of otherwise unsalvageable teeth and even replace completely missing teeth. Our crowns are installed beneath the gums, allowing them to feel and function the same as your other teeth.

While crowns can be made from metals such as stainless steel and silver or hybrid materials that look natural until carefully examined, we use high-quality porcelain that effectively mimics the hue and translucence of your natural teeth. 

This hypoallergenic material is unlikely to irritate sensitive tissue in your mouth and works more effectively as a long-term solution to your dental health and beauty problems. We can also use higher strength porcelain or bond it to gold to fit your unique needs.

Benefits of Dental Crowns from DNA Dental Dallas

Some dental problems are caused by:

  • Disease
  • Accidents
  • Natural effects of aging

Our porcelain dental crowns will protect your remaining tooth structure and restore normal biting capabilities. Dental crowns in Dallas, Texas, prevent chipping, cracking, and decay in your affected tooth, reducing the potential costs of future dental restoration.

Teeth with older fillings often cause pain with hairline fractures and can stain or chip to detract from your natural smile. By covering these teeth with porcelain crowns, you can strengthen weakened areas and make your teeth more aesthetically pleasing in a straightforward procedure. Porcelain dental crowns in Dallas, Texas, can also protect teeth that have undergone other dental work, such as a root canal, to prevent breakage.

Custom Fitting Process for Dental Crowns

Fitting a new porcelain crown only takes a few visits to our office. We will reshape your tooth during the initial dental appointment to remove any decay or damaged areas and capture a bite impression to send to our lab. We aim to preserve the majority of your tooth structure for a minimally invasive procedure.

To prevent further damage to your tooth and preserve its new shape, we fit it with a temporary crown made from metal or plastic. After creating your personalized permanent crown, you will visit us again to remove your temporary crown and fit the porcelain fixture. Since we designed it to fit your unique mouth structure, the porcelain crown only requires minor adjustments before we cement it in place. 

Your newly restored tooth can last for as long as 30 years, making dental crowns in Dallas, Texas, one of the most permanent dental treatments. With our expertise and the latest technology in the industry, we can help you maintain a beautiful and functional smile for years to come.

Professional and Friendly Dental Services by Dr. Timin

When you visit our Dallas office for personalized dental treatment, you can be sure you are in good hands. Dr. Darya Timin has extensive training from the New York University College of Dentistry. She uses her advanced knowledge and a passion for dentistry and beauty to help her dental patients achieve the best possible smiles. 

Our team is committed to keeping up with the latest advances in dental technology and techniques to provide the best service. We also pride ourselves on our courtesy and strive to make you comfortable during your procedure, including dental crowns in Dallas, Texas. You will always receive service at your scheduled time and be treated with the utmost respect. 

When you need dental solutions that restore your smile with natural beauty, you can trust Dr. Timin’s team at DNA Dental Dallas. Schedule your cosmetic consultation appointment in Dallas, TX today by calling us at (214)-295-9270.