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Many people are born with an uneven tooth-to-gum ratio. This issue can make it seem like you have abnormally small teeth. Fortunately, our dental office can resolve this problem with our dental crown lengthening services. 

DNA Dental Dallas is a female-owned cosmetic dental practice providing dental crown lengthening in Dallas, Texas, and its surrounding areas. Led by NYU school of dentistry grad Dr. Darya Timin, the DNA Dental team works to brighten and straighten the smiles of all our patients. Say goodbye to overpowering gums and let the world see your pearly whites! 

What Is Dental Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening sounds more painful and time-consuming than it is. When excess gums hide your tooth, it is hard to install a dental crown. The lengthening process exposes more of your tooth so that we can safely fit you for a crown. 

Having a crown when you have excessive gums can be uncomfortable. Not only will our procedure add to your comfort level, but you’ll also feel more confident with the look of your teeth. 

Some people decide on a lengthening procedure to reduce the appearance of a gummy smile. Whatever your reason for the treatment, we’re happy to help. 

The procedure only lasts about one hour for most people. However, the recovery time is lengthier, taking about three months. But after the first few days of recovery, you’ll start to feel better and adjust to your new gums. Over-the-counter pain relievers help mitigate the pain you may feel after the operation. Your dentist may also prescribe you medication. 

Other things that will help with your recovery include ice packs, avoiding hot foods for a couple of days post-op, and careful brushing. 

The Dental Crown Lengthening Procedure 

Dallas residents often worry about any form of dental procedure. We tend to have a fear of going to the dentist, especially for an operation. However, you’re in good hands with the highly skilled staff of dentists and periodontists at DNA Dental. 

Dental crown lengthening is an outpatient procedure, meaning we perform the entire operation in our office. We try to create the most comfortable environment for you. 

If you’re attempting to fix multiple teeth, the procedure may last more than an hour. In most cases, we will remove any temporary crowns you have before beginning the operation. But don’t worry, we’ll put them back in after the procedure is complete. 

You won’t feel any severe pain as we use anesthesia on most of our patients. Once you are numb, we will cut into the gum. This process will expose the roots and bones we need to fix. We will thoroughly sanitize the affected area to kill any harmful bacteria. Then, we stitch up your gums, allowing the healing process to begin. 

And that’s all there is to it! 

DNA Dental’s Approach

One of the benefits of scheduling an appointment at DNA Dental is you don’t need dental insurance to do so. Our dental office offers three generous VIP subscription packages that will ensure you get the dental treatment you need without breaking the bank. 

All of our plans include regular cleanings, x-rays, emergency visits, and more! 

We take a patient-first approach to all of our endeavors. We know the stigma that people attach to visiting the dentist. We assure you our office is an outlier. 

We look at our dental work as a collaborative process and focus on the result. You can rest easy knowing that after your procedure, your teeth and gums will feel brand new. 

We know the insecurities that come with a gummy smile. But we also see the difference our dental crown lengthening process makes in our patients each year. Our procedure is a cost-effective way to regain confidence in your smile. 

In a few short months, you’ll have a glowing smile that will last a lifetime. 

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DNA Dental is the leading provider of dental crown lengthening in Dallas, Texas. Say goodbye to that gummy smile and start leading a more confident life. Call us at (214)-295-9270 to schedule an appointment today!