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Cosmetic Dental Bonding in Dallas, Texas

Fix small dental imperfections with our quick and easy dental bonding. Make an appointment today!

At DNA Dental, we know that no one is born with perfect teeth and that even healthy teeth start to deteriorate over time. By visiting our Dallas, TX, office, you can take advantage of our extensive range of cosmetic dentistry services to make your smile look better than ever, including cosmetic dental bonding in Dallas, Texas. 

Dr. Darya Timin uses the knowledge she gained by studying under world-renowned cosmetic dentists to create natural-looking teeth bonding that fills in breaks and covers flaws. 

How Does Dental Bonding Work?

Cosmetic dental bonding applies a composite resin to teeth that are cracked, discolored, or misshapen to make your smile more beautiful and comfortable. This delicate procedure requires an expert in both dentistry and personal aesthetics, such as Dr. Timin, to achieve a natural look that complements your existing dental structure.

  • First, we abrade the surface of your affected tooth to make the surface rougher, which helps the bonding material adhere to it more easily. We apply the composite resin in layers until your new tooth reaches the desired size and shape. 
  • Then, we use a curing light to harden the material, letting it function the same as a normal tooth. 
  • After some finishing touches, including minor trimming and polishing the surface, your dental bonding will match all of your other teeth both functionally and aesthetically.

The high-quality composite material we use will perfectly match the enamel of your other teeth to appear as natural as possible. Our team can mold and sculpt it into almost any size and shape to bring symmetry to your smile, plus the resin is biocompatible to reduce the chance of irritation. We work with you to create an appropriate appearance that leaves you completely satisfied.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dental Bonding in Dallas, Texas

Bonding can solve multiple problems afflicting unnatural-looking teeth by:

  • Repairing chips 
  • Lengthening teeth to match others 
  • Covering discoloration
  • And more!

We create our aesthetically pleasing composite material to exact specifications to make your treated tooth virtually indistinguishable from any others. 

The procedure is simple and non-intrusive, allowing you to visit our office without any special preparations and avoid using anesthesia. Attaching the composite resin requires us to remove much less enamel than other procedures, including attaching veneers and crowns. You can go back to your routine immediately afterward with your newly functional tooth.

Not only can Dr. Timin often fix a wide range of dental issues in a single cosmetic dental bonding appointment, but bonding is also one of the most affordable cosmetic dental procedures. Additionally, it is flexible in its usage, lasting years as a long-term solution or functioning as a temporary measure as you wait for more permanent corrections such as dental veneers.

Cosmetic bonding before and after


Is Cosmetic Dental Bonding in Dallas, Texas, the Right Choice for You?

Cosmetic dental bonding in Dallas, Texas, can help with a variety of cosmetic dental problems, making it a suitable procedure for many of our patients looking to fix their imperfections. Dr. Timin will work with you to decide if dental bonding is the right cosmetic dentistry option for you, and she will create a custom solution based on your needs.

The procedure is usually one of the most inexpensive options, but its cost can differ depending on the severity of your problems and the number of teeth needing bonding. However, stay mindful that your new composite resin will not be not as durable as your natural tooth enamel. 

In addition to remaining diligent with your daily flossing and brushing, be sure to avoid hard foods and habits, like chewing on pens, to prevent chips or breaks. Your cosmetic dental bonding will also be vulnerable to stains from wine, coffee, tobacco, and other food or beverages.

With proper care, cosmetic dental bonding will last up to 10 years before you need repairs. Checking these fixtures for early signs of damage will also become part of your routine dental examinations. Regularly scheduling cleanings with our professional care team will remain a vital part of maintaining your improved smile.

For a quick and affordable way to be more confident in your smile, please talk to Dr. Timin or our DNA Dental staff in Dallas, TX, about cosmetic dental bonding. Contact us at (214)-295-9270 to schedule your appointment at our Dallas office.