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What Types of Dentures Are Available in Dallas?

When you’re looking for ways to remedy missing teeth, DNA Dental offers professional dentures in Dallas. Our natural-looking and durable denture options can help to give you back your confident smile, normal chewing and speaking, and optimal oral health. At DNA Dental, we offer a large variety of dentures to suit the needs of any of our dental patients in Dallas. Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Timin will first evaluate your teeth and gums during a comprehensive dental exam and then offer her professional opinion.

About Types of Dentures

Conventional braces are a full, removable denture that is made and place in your mouth after the remaining teeth are removed, and tissues have healed properly. This healing time can take several months. This denture type can even include implants and special attachments.

Immediate braces are also a removable denture type that is inserted on the same day that the remaining teeth are removed. Measurements and models are made of the jaw during the first visit. You don’t have to be without teeth during the healing process with these braces. However, the denture may need to be re-lined or re-created after the jaw heals completely.

Overdentures are used when some of your teeth can be saved to preserve your jawbone. Overdentures fit over some of your remaining natural teeth, which provide support for the denture.

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At DNA Dental, we offer our dental patients in Dallas a variety of denture options for their missing teeth. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Timin, a cosmetic dentist, today, call our dental office at 214-295-9270.