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What are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges have been used for years in Dallas as a dental procedure for missing teeth. The dental bridge itself is used to bridge gaps between missing teeth in a patient’s mouth. This bridge is made up of two different crowns on each side of the gap with false teeth in between. Within a dental bridge, your existing teeth are used as support anchors. Dallas dental bridges can be made of a variety of materials including alloys, metal, gold, or porcelain. If you would like your dental bridge to blend in naturally with the rest of your teeth, a porcelain bridge from DNA Dental is a great choice.

Missing Teeth Replacement Options

Ultimately, a dental bridge can help to maintain the shape of a face, help to restore the ability to chew or distribute a bite more evenly. Most importantly, it can stop teeth from drifting. Missing teeth can make it hard to chew without pain. If these missing teeth aren’t treated quickly, they can cause the rest of the teeth to become crooked or to shift. At DNA Dental, we take the time to evaluate all our patient’s existing teeth to determine if they’re a candidate for a dental bridge.

If you’re a candidate for a dental bridge, the teeth are prepared by recontouring them. After this is done, impressions are made of the teeth and sent to a dental lab. Once the final bridge is complete, a patient will return to our Dallas dental office, and the final placement of the bridge occurs.

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