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Is Dental Bonding for You?

Dental bonding in Dallas done at DNA Dental uses a tooth-colored resin material and a curing light to bond successfully. Ultimately, dental bonding can be done for a variety of reasons including to repair decayed teeth, to repair chipped/cracked teeth, to close spaces between teeth, to make teeth look longer, and to change the shape or color of teeth. It is often used as a cosmetic alternative to fillings or even to protect a part of a tooth root.

About the Dental Bonding Process

Composite resin bonding is a minimally-invasive dental procedure that aims to give patients the beautiful smile they’re looking for. This cosmetic procedure is safe and effective. The treatment starts with removal some of the surface enamel, which allows Dr. Timin to shape the composite resin to your tooth. Next, the bonding agent is applied and the composite resin is applied on top of that. It is then cured with a special light. Lastly, the teeth are polished.

Who is Dental Bonding Right For?

Our dental team can evaluate your teeth to determine if you’re a candidate for dental bonding. If your smile is crooked because of an under or over bite, this won’t correct it. Bonding is typically for those looking for a cosmetic solution for their teeth that are healthy other than this imperfection.

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