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Dr. Darya Timin "A Healthy And Beautiful Smile Is A Window To A Healthy And Beautiful Body!"
  • A Healthy And Beautiful Smile Is A Window To A Healthy And Beautiful Body!

    Welcome to DNA Dental Dallas where we service all your comprehensive and cosmetic dentistry needs in Dallas, Texas.


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A Top-Rated Dallas Cosmetic Dentist

DNA Dental offers cosmetic dentistry services for patients of all ages for those in and around Dallas, Texas. Our professional cosmetic dentist offers a variety of procedures that can improve the appearance of your smile such as teeth whitening, veneers, implants and more, all of which can produce a Hollywood-looking smile. Don’t settle for less than the best, and allow DNA Dental to give you the smile you’ve always dreamt of. A smile makeover in Dallas can improve tooth color, shape, size and alignment.

Looking for the Best Cosmetic Dental Services?

When you’re looking for professional cosmetic dental services to improve the appearance of your teeth, visit DNA Dental. We offer a safe and pain-free environment as well as comprehensive care. Keeping your teeth and gums strong is important, but cosmetic treatments go above and beyond that requirements to improve the color, size, shape or alignment of the teeth. We use a variety of traditional techniques combined with the latest technology in order to give our patients the best care around Dallas.

Our doctor strives for excellence by constantly improving her skills with hundreds of hours in continuing education and participation in dental meetings and study clubs

State of the Art Dental Office in Dallas, TX

At DNA Dental we utilize the latest state of the art equipment. From Digital X-rays that offer almost non-existent radiation to Intra-Oral cameras for patient education and the most comfortable ADEC dental chairs, you can rest assure that your experience will be pleasantly comfortable during your entire procedure.
We also take pride in having built our facility from the ground up with environmental consciousness. Green is good. So, whether it’s green building materials, LED lighting, or our comprehensive recycling program, DNA Dental is doing its part to make the world we live sustainable.

Some other professional dental equipment we use includes:

  • Maxray Digital X-Ray
  • Digital Panoramic X-Ray
  • Intra-Oral Camers for patient education
  • Electric Hand Pieces with ultra-low vibration and sound
  • ADEC Dental Chairs for ultimate relaxation
  • Flat Screen Monitors for education and entertainment
  • Heated Blankets
  • Complete Spa-like experience

Invisalign – Is Invisalign as Good as Braces?

Either crooked teeth or a bad bite can be caused by a variety of things, including TMJ Disorder, gum disease or simple chips or cracks in the teeth. It is harder to clean the teeth and to care for one’s gums when the teeth are crowded. A set of straight teeth allows people to practice good oral hygiene more easily. It also protects you from having continuous dental work too. Not only does it make it easier to care for your teeth, but also restores your confidence in your smile.

Invisalign® clear trays can completely transform the standard braces experience. These clear aligners are convenient, fit comfortably, and are fast-acting. This system of clear plastic aligners gradually shifts the teeth into their desired positions. Every few weeks, a patient will be given their next set of aligners. These trays are of course removable, which makes eating and caring for the teeth easy while in a treatment program. Also,Invisalign® treatment time is comparable to traditional braces with a more enjoyable and care-free experience. DNA Dental prides itself on offering an undetectable way to straighten one’s teeth without visible metal in the mouth.

Porcelain Veneers Vs. Crowns

Veneers are used in order to brighten and to perfect a smile. These custom-made ultra-thin plastic layers are permanently bonded to a patient’s teeth. They can cover discolored, crooked, gapped, broken or chipped teeth with ease. For those with discolored or broken teeth, dental bonding or crowns may be more suitable. Bonding is best used for chips or surface cavities, while crowns are used to cover a tooth entirely, butare more invasive than a veneer. Veneers are used for those looking to improve many minor cosmetic errors. A patient however must maintain their veneers with daily flossing and brushing and regular six-month cleanings.

Unlike veneers, a crown covers the tooth completely and protects it from future damage. It also can improve the appearance of the tooth. Some main reasons why you might get a tooth crown is because of extensive decay, a discolored, cracked or broken tooth, a large broken-down filling or a tooth with poor shape or size. This crown will enhance how a tooth looks and will restore its function. At DNA Dental in Dallas, we use durable porcelain material for our veneers and crowns. A crown procedure begins by preparing the tooth for the crown by removing a portion of the enamel. Next, an impression is made and sent to a dental lab. A temporary crown is then placed in the mouth for about 2 weeks, where during a second visit, the permanent crown is bonded to the tooth or teeth.

Botox – All about Botox Cosmetic Injections

As dental professionals, we listen to our patients’ excruciating stories of migraines, clenching, and grinding their teeth, all of which can lead to facial and neck pain. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder happens where normal functioning of the joint ceases. This repetitive behavior can lead to enlargement of both the neck and head muscles. This dysfunction can result in pain and impairment for many of our patients.
Some common symptoms include: chronic headaches, ear aches, facial pain, damage to teeth and grinding/clenching.

Botox cosmetic injections have been proven to help patients suffering from TMJ. If someone is considered a candidate for Botox treatment, Botox will be injected into the affected muscles, which will block the signals that cause the movements. This will relax the muscles and reduce pain and bruxism (grinding). One treatment can take just minutes and lead to months of relief. Typically, these injections last three to six months.

Sleep Apnea Therapy – Dental Appliances for Sleep Apnea

Snoring is caused by partially-obstructed airways during sleep. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs during sleep when the soft palate and the tongue fall to the back of the throat and block the airway completely. This can lead to reduced oxygen intake, poor breathing, and interrupted sleep. Individuals suffering from OSA are often tired, irritable, have trouble concentrating, and may experience sexual dysfunction or impotency. Sleep apnea can also lead to severe teeth grinding, which may lead to failed dental work, chronic headaches, and TMJ issues.

At DNA Dental, we offer oral appliance therapy with custom-fitted mouth guards made for each patient. These oral appliances are designed to move the lower jaw forward, keeping the airway open while sleeping.

Dental Implants – Alternative to Dentures & Dental Bridges

Dental implants allow patients to regain both the appearance and function of their natural smiles back. Tooth loss is generally caused by trauma, tooth decay, or gum disease. Dental implants are an alternative to bridges or dentures. The latter are sometimes uncomfortable and lead to additional dental work to prepare for their use, meaning they are more expensive. Dental implants are titanium cylinders that are surgically placed directly into the jaw bone, replacing the entire root of a tooth. After placement, the implant will need to fuse with the jaw bone for as part of the healing process. Dental implants can be restored with dentures, bridges, or crowns.

When it comes to implant dentistry, DNA Dental is experienced at knowing how to successfully create beautiful and functional new smiles. Much like any other teeth, these implants require regular at-home oral care and regular dental visits. These implants are like your own teeth and need to remain plaque-free.

Comprehensive Dental Care in Dallas, TX

DNA Dental offers comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages for those in and around Dallas, Texas. It’s important to understand that dental health is not just about a healthy white smile, but also about having healthy teeth and gums. Our mission as a Texas dental office is to help our patients to accomplish these things in a pain-free and stress-free way. During one’s first visit, a dental assistant will take x-rays and photos of the existing teeth and gum. From there, they will gather all dental health and other medical history. Next, Dr. Timin, our Texas dentist, will do an examination as well as an oral cancer screening. After this thorough examination, she will explain her findings and her recommended treatments.

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